maandag 1 september 2008

Wii mote as MIDI controller/music interface

Today I stumbled upon an article in Shook magazine that briefly mentioned the wii mote as a music software controller. Apparently the wii mote is an excellent way to control music software. I thought this might be interesting for the people experimenting with the wii mote at the VU. There are many sources available but here are some of the ones I found interesting:

Osculator + Kyma (background info here)
Osculator wii mote manual
Ableton Live + wii mote (there are many youtube videos actually about this subject)

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Marek zei

Heya Wouter,

Nice to hear your still kicking. The latest Computer Music (Special) featured an item about "The Wiistrument" (free, for both Mac and Windows), which resembles the above.

It can be found on the following website:

The Wiinstrument on

I'd like to dig into Ableton Live one day, let's see when I have the time to do so :)

Wouter den Boer zei

Wiistrument look really good! Maybe I'll buy a wiimote myself :) BTW. I'll be on the VU next week again I think. At the moment I'm writing a chapter about story systems/narratives for my thesis.

Timen zei

Hoera, ik mag posten!
Dit ziet er inderdaad geweldig uit.
Ik moet toch nog maar eens naar de mogelijkheden voor geluidgeneratie/effecten in Flash kijken...

Marek zei

Hey Timen, goed je op de blog te zien! Het lijkt me een mooie tool, ik moet ook maar eens een Wiimote zien op te duikelen (als een van de laatste in de scene).