dinsdag 9 september 2008

Interactive Video of a(-) typical Design Process / Brain Dump

Hey all,

It might well be the case that I will be there tomorrow, at MMA, due to some rescheduling of the appointment I had.

I just got to thinking about the suggestion AE made again, about creating an interactive video as a "Making of...". If I will be able to pick up a camera somewhere, and find some spare time, I'd like to try and make a "making of" the Broad Dikes videoclip (and just for you leechers, this has nothing to do with interaction between females).

Let's see what Friday will bring, as PV will brief us on an illustration and possibly animation job, as to know if I will have some time to work on the above.

Feeling the need to clear my head of all the different, but fun, stuff I am involved in, I might start posting on the blog more often. Lots of "if..."'s and "might..."'s!


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