dinsdag 12 januari 2010

Multitouch Audio Project

Het laatste project van NiftySystems waarin Timen Olthof en Peter Peerdeman een multitouch audio programma in Actionscript hebben ontwikkeld die in het filmpje wordt uitgetest op de multitouch tafel in het nieuwe Intertain lab op de VU in Amsterdam. Voor meer informatie zie http://www.niftysystems.nl/audio

NiftySystems - Multitouch Audio Project introduction from Peter Peerdeman on Vimeo.

zondag 30 november 2008

Van Gogh style Counterstrike map

Interactive Video Object Manipulation

Een project van Adobe samen met de University of Washington. Interactieve object manipulatie in een videobestand, heel indrukwekkend, met een paar klikken met de muis effecten bereiken die vaak uren kosten in programma's als adobe after effects!

Interactive Video Object Manipulation from Dan Goldman on Vimeo.

maandag 3 november 2008


DoodleBuzz is a new way to read the news through an experimental interface that allows you to create typographic maps of current news stories.

DoodleBuzz - work in progress from Brendan Dawes on Vimeo.

EDIT: And another news reading interface: Spectra Visual Newsreader

donderdag 30 oktober 2008

Microsoft Popfly

Popfly is the fun and easy way to build and share mashups, gadgets, and Web pages. It’s made up of online visual tools for building Web pages and mashups and a social network where you can host, share, rate, comment and even remix creations from other Popfly users.

I thought Pipes was already pretty cool, Popfly seems to take it to another level as you are able to create all kinds of stuff including games. The mashup editor looks good btw, have not tried to build a 'game' yet though. It seems to be really suited towards the non-technical user, i.e. the possibilities are maybe somewhat limited. But who knows you might be able to create a really great game :)

Overview of things that are possible

woensdag 8 oktober 2008


What started out as an assignment for the course Multimedia Authoring is now evolving more and more into a real usable product: Our (Timen and mine) PowerRail application. Driven by papervision3d and xml, our application delivers a versatile "railed" 3d presenting tool.

The main goal of our project is to create a way to present content of different natures, such as a educational presentation, a portfolio presentation or a 3d art exposition for example. We are still experimenting with different features to include in the program such as images, text, 3d models and video's. We have created some demo's to showcase the possibilities of our program.

We would appreciate it very much if you guys could take a look at it and maybe share some of your idea's / comments about this project with us!




ps. Coming wednesday we are presenting powerrail at the Creative Interactive Computing Symposium in Twente, Hotel Drienerburght! Very exciting!

dinsdag 7 oktober 2008


When I stumbled upon this I couldn't resist posting it here:
SourceBinder is (as they describe it on their site) "a node-based visual framework for easy prototyping and real-time tuning of Flash based visual applications."

For an example see here and be amazed....

The project is currently in private alpha, but their previous project FlashFilterLab seems like a previous version of SourceBinder.